Automotive Consulting



I specialise in fast acting, lasting process and behavioural change in automotive manufacturer, importer and retail business organisations.


In an industry driven by changing market behaviours and growing expectations on service levels, many business leaders find themselves faced with change resistance from suppliers, customers and even from within their own management teams.

My work with these business owners and key influencers has been to identify desirable change, model and forecast the impact of changes before moving to the deployment of step by step actions.

Successes in all scales of operations from global manufacturing to single site, family owned businesses have generated key skills which can be applied and developed to fit your business and its needs.

Diagnostic work, benchmarking, process identification, gap analysis, change identification, impact forecasting, focussed action planning and measureable goals have satisfied clients across Europe.


Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Groupe

Over 20 projects, 7 countries and 120 sites. Topics include; Simultaneous Design, Assembly, Facility Design & Specification, Supplier Logistics, Distribution Processes, Supplier Development, Benchmarking, Best Practice Identification, Programme Design - Management and Deployment, Training Design and Deployment, Recruitment & Selection, Quality Systems, Coaching, Leadership Development and Auditting.

Volkswagen Audi Group.

Projects for VW, Porsche, Seat & Skoda. Process Mapping & Documentation, Recruitment & Selection, Programme Deployment, Interim Management and on Site Coaching.

Suzuki Cars GB

Aftersales Coaching and Continuous Improvement Skills. Leadership Development and Auditting.


Coaching and Management Development.


As a freelance consultant, I have the experience of working for several brands across Europe since 1999.

I try to spend at least 50% of my time working with customer facing dealership projects to maintain current market awareness.

For almost 6 years, I have had the pleasure of working in Sweden and Denmark on a number of projects and have a particular interest in cross country best practice work.

As a project leader I can work within a Prince2 structure, as a team member, I enjoy working within a collaborative environment and my clients recognise that my practical experiences in all automotive fields can bring a truely unique perspective to projects and their smooth running.

To be a succesful, independent consultant in this industry you have to be relevent, bring value and above all, be efficient with the time invested by the client.

Client confidentiality is paramount and a non-disclosure agreement for all projects is offered.

Products and programmes newly developed for clients are their property and are never re-badged and re-sold as off the shelf solutions for others.

Although I work directly for the client on some projects, others are undertaken on the behalf of international consulting companies.

Additional resource is available through a trusted network of consultants, who are hand picked to bring their skills and experience to client projects as well as resource and manpower.

References are available on request.


To discuss your project needs, please call to arrange a positive, confidential meeting at your convenience.



  • Instant Manager

We constantly promote our front line staff into department managers, only to watch them struggle with the role. We all know the skill set required is different and I can work with your new manager - 5 days over 4 weeks to rapidly develop the core skills of management and leadership.

Perfect for all sizes of dealership, from sales and aftersales management to site leadership.

Investment average - £3-5000

Return expectation - £20000*

  • LCV Master Practitioner

Working with existing and new LCV responsible sales people to develop a proactive, expert sales process to create unmatchable consumer offers and relationships. This project has had national breakthrough results over the last 5 years and is repeatable for all brands in all markets. Can be used across brands and across sites within groups and market areas. Working with up to 3 team members at a time over 3 months.

Investment average - £3000

Return expectation - £15000*

  • Dealer Group Business Planning

This programme is designed to engage all levels of the business in creating ground up, multi-dimensional business plans. This is a practical, consultant supported process which is complimentary to external goal setting and goes far beyond volume and financial objectives.

Investment average - £2000

per site

Return expectation - £50000*

  • Programme Deployment

Working in manufacturer and importer environments to support or lead the design of national and local programmes. Planning and executing national deployment processes, project leadership, reporting and result measurement.

Available at a day rate

  • Best Practice Networking

Working in an importer environment or across a multi brand group network, we work together to identify knowledge experts and develop a robust method best practice sharing process.

Average investment - £10000

Return Expectation - +10% CS

*First year return