Instant Manager

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Why you need an Instant Manager

It seems to be a perpetual problem in our industry - we take a high performing sales person, make them the manager and become frustrated that they do not immediately become a highly effective manager.

The skill set of a sales person is only a subset of the skills and experience needed to manage a high performance team.

If the new manager is left to develop their own skills and learn through trial and error, the business risks the managers own dissatisfaction, reduced team motivation and a long learning process which will have an impact on sales performance and customer satisfaction.

How and why this works for you and your team

This support programme is flexible and matched to the skills and personality of the newly appointed manager.

It creates a learning framework for skills outside of those provided for by manufacturers or within the dealers own resources.

Almost all dealer groups have no formal management development programme.

This programme will cover both the hard and soft skills needed to become an effective manager over a shorter period of time.

The broad topics of team and managerial dynamics are explored, along with how to give feedback, carry out disciplinary processes, manage performance through goal setting, positive reinforcement coaching, housekeeping, customer complaint handling, interdepartmental relationship building and much more.

Expected returns on your investment

The first return is that you don't waste a good salesperson!

Secondly we can reduce the performance dip often experienced when you lose a sales person from the mix and protect the placement from failure.

Finally, my clients estimate that the net positive value of this process is measured through stable Customer Satisfaction and as a bottom line figure - £10-20k as a first year minimum.

The programme works equally well in the aftersales environment for new manager appointments - service and parts.

Some of the programmes biggest successes have been with the promotion of service advisors in to the service leaders role.

Here, the need for rapidly acquiring skills is hardest felt due to the high number of customer transactions.

What to do now.

Call me and we can discuss your needs during an on-site visit.

I prefer to invest a minimum of 4 hours in learning the history of the business, discover all of the staff changes in the last 5 years and how you as a business leader want to sculpt the new manager.

We will agree the goals and timescale for support but you will also need to be prepared to account for your own needs as business leader - reporting structure, managers goals, a review process and how the new manager can demonstrate their effectiveness.

Programme Structure.

Needs visit with business leader or group management.

- Expectations

- Job Description and Goals

- Reporting and Feedback Process

- Business background and environmental influences

- Plan programme schedule

1/2 day

Initial meeting with new manager scheduled for last day of previous role or first day of new role (it' s always great to start a new role with coaching and goal setting).

- Measuring managers effectiveness

- Reporting and Time Management

- Team Dynamics and Feedback Skills

- Obligations and Responsibilities

1 day

Settling in 2 days, then;

Skills Building with new manager and peer colleagues as required.

- Practical task building

- Managing team effectiveness

- Postive coaching and feedback loops

- First stage disciplinary processes

- Handling team complaints

- Short term goal setting

- Microsoft Office Skills Assessment

- Health & Safety management

- Working in a new team environment

- Transforming relationships (Mates to Manager)

2-3 days

Implementation - 10 days, then;

Skills Assesment with new manager and business leader.

- Feedback exercise from line reports and line management

- SWOT analysis and Action Planning

- Direct Coaching

- Review of Goal Setting

- Review of Reporting Process

- Interdepartmental Feedback

- Action Plan effectiveness

- New Action Plan

1 day

Implementation - 10 days, then;

Follow up sessions with new manager x 3

- Skill requests from new manager

- Action Plan effectiveness

- Implement Managerial Effectiveness measures

- Revise Action Plan

up to 3 x 1 day

As agreed in programme schedule;

Final sign off session with new manager and business leader

- Review performance against goals set

- Review Action Plan

- Identify specific training needs

- Final Action Plan and handover

1 day

Total timescale;

3 days support in first week

1 day support at start of third week

up to 3 follow up sessions each 2 weeks apart

1 day sign off and planning 2 weeks after final follow up.

Total time elapsed - 8 - 10 weeks.

Result - Accelerated management development, effective team manager, protected performance and objective acheivement.

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