LCV Master Practioner

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Why you need an LCV Master Practitioner

In 2018, many of the paradigms of LCV sales teams still exist - and they hurt your sales, your profits and your reputation.

For many years, it was the lot of a senior salesman to deal with the business customers, having some gravitas and experience behind the eyes used to count for a lot when looking to seal a deal with a business.

This is no longer effective.

Your customers businesses are under pressure like never before and they need to trust and respect any sales person before they invest any time in building a deal.

I have coached and measured over 150 LCV sites, across all of the brands and have experienced stereotypes we all would recognise - laziness, poor manners and general disinterest in business customers and their LCV needs.

If you can create and retain an LCV Master Practitioner, then market share is no longer limited to brand national expectations. New and repeat sales will build profit for both sales and aftersales. More than that, it will cement your local reputation as the go to people for vans.

How and why this works for you and your team

This support programme is bespoke and aims to build on the skills and experiences of your existing team member(s).

Rarely do we end the first phase with a recommendation to re-allocate a team member and seek a better candidate.

We work with the salesperson to understand their abilities and mindset when dealing with business customers.

Taking this starting point we create learning modules to develop their understanding of business types, their needs and how to positively sell to these customers.

Tasks are agreed and these are reviewed at each coaching session for completion and effectiveness. These tasks are not some classroom theory, but practical advice and real contact strategies for getting face to face appointments and real leads.

The modules include lead generation, customer account management, business optimisation and vehicle design.

Throughout these modules we work to integrate their performance measurement into daily and weekly sales reviews with management to regain control and provide positive reinforcement of the new skill set.

Expected returns on your investment

The first thing to say is that this works. It's highly effective and we've been doing this one to one or small team development since 2011, in the UK and across Europe.

The investment in management time, personal development and process deployment pays back handsomely.

With proper managment support and our recommended structure, we see improved focus, better and more consistent time management as well as higher lead generation, higher conquest rates, better unit profitability and new long term service customers.

The average investment is around £1500 for 40 hours of coaching, on site plus weekly Skype coaching sessions.

The average return measured over 150 individuals can be anywhere between an 8-22% increase in product profitability, with a expectation of increasing any base line performance (units pa) by 30%.

The on profit generated by the customer life value through the business is more difficult to measure, but it's not unreasonable to expect LCV labour hours/LCV parts sales to represent 25-30% of all sales.

What's perhaps the best measure of improvement is the satisfaction of your sales team and the delight of your new LCV customers.

The programme is focussed on the development and management of individuals, however it has been equally successful with small teams - even bringing together team members from different sites across a group.

Whilst the investment can be reduced for each additional participant, its vital that time is spent to build the individual, so we build in extra time for all modules.

What to do now.

Call me and we can discuss your needs during an on-site visit.

I prefer to invest a minimum of 4 hours in learning the history of the business, discover all of the staff changes in the last 5 years and how you as a business leader want to develop the LCV business.

We will agree the goals and timescale for support but you will also need to be prepared to account for your own needs as business leader - reporting structure, managers goals, a review process and how the LCV sales person can demonstrate their effectiveness.

Programme Structure.

Needs visit with business leader or group management.

- Expectations

- Job Description and Goals

- Reporting and Feedback Process

- Business background and environmental influences

- Plan programme schedule

1/2 day

Initial meeting with LCV Sales Person.

- Measuring LCV performance

- Reporting and Time Management

- Team Dynamics and Skills discovery

- Obligations and Responsibilities

1/2 day

Skills Building with LCV Sales Person and line manager as required.

- Lead Generation Strategies

- Customer Handling

- Developing Industry Understanding

- Aiming to Improve Customers Business

- Time Management

- Demonstrating effectiveness

- Managing Resources

- Creating the right impressions

- Professional presentation

- Short term goal setting

- Task Setting

2 days on site

Implementation - 10 days, then;

Skills Assesment with LCV Sales Person and business leader.

- Feedback exercise from line reports and line management

- SWOT analysis and Action Planning

- Direct Coaching

- Review of Goal Setting

- Review of Reporting Process

- Interdepartmental Feedback

- Action Plan effectiveness

- New Action Plan

1 day

Implementation 7 days then;

Follow up sessions with LCV Sales Person x 4

- Skill requests from LCV Sales Person

- Action Plan effectiveness

- Revise Action Plan

3 Weekly Skype Sessions (1 - 2hrs) plus 1/2 day practical observations and feedback coaching

As agreed in programme schedule;

Final sign off session with LCV Sales Person and business leader

- Review performance against goals set

- Review Action Plan

- Identify specific training needs

- Final Action Plan and handover

1/2 day

Total timescale;

3 days support in first week

1 day support at start of third week

up to 3 follow up sessions each 1 weeks apart

1/2 day sign off and planning 2 weeks after final follow up.

Total time elapsed - 4 - 6 weeks.

Result - Accelerated personal development, effective team management, increased performance and objective achievement.

Get in touch and arrange your first step towards creating an LCV Master Practitioner - It's free!